La Cascina Langa, a small private village, is the ideal holiday home for groups who want to spend a weekend or a week together in total relaxation and freedom, discovering this wonderful area of ​​Piedmont, a World Heritage Site. It is also a perfect location for weddings, parties or events in an authentic exclusive country estate. Ideal for large family gatherings, such as retreats and seminars, business and outdoor meetings, highly popular for photo and video shooting.

La Cascina Langa, a story of charm

The Borgo is composed of two large adjoining houses and other stone buildings scattered in a large garden surrounded by woods. With 12 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, two kitchens and two rooms, it has a capacity ranging from 25 to 40 beds. Formerly inhabited by winegrowers, it has been renovated keeping the original rural architecture intact but enriching it with so many spaces of leisure: swimming pool, soccer field, Pizza House, Bicycle Workshop, maxi barbecue and Barn Bar. Furnished with a deliberate simplicity that is its charm is well equipped and equipped with many comforts – from wifi to air conditioning. Discover all the parts of the village.

My story

My name is Giulia and I have been working full time on my estate for 15 years, with the precious help of my lovely husband Buni.

Everything started when, living in Milan, I felt the need for a place surrounded by nature, out of chaos, without noise, where you could see deers and starry nights. I bought the first piece (a part of the ‘stone house’) and I simply put it back, to spend the weekends with family and friends.

I started to rent it almost for fun, to cover the costs of restructuring and mortgages, and immediately liked it very much. In the beginning, there were small groups, and it was the guests who pushed me towards the next enlargements. A little at a time I bought the other pieces of the village, and, very slowly, I restructured a good part of it, always keeping in mind the suggestions of  guests.

A dear friend, a famous architect, gave me the most precious advice: leave La Cascina as much as it was at the origin. And so I did, paying attention and care, I filled it with beautiful things and comfort, trying to make a home for everyone, where as soon as you enter you immediately feel at ease.

At one point, the magic of this place and the potential it showed me have undermined my work as a journalist and Plan B has become Plan A, and then, the only work-passion of my life. And I still do this every day, doing everything because those who come to me feel at home and enjoy the relaxation and the extraordinary nature that is inside and outside my estate. The Cascina Langa has everything that makes a stay in the countryside pleasant, but with an extra secret ingredient that makes the difference: the passion of those who live there.

We started with small groups and slowly, over the years, we have become more experienced and now we can welcome even very large groups, with a good organization: on the other hand also for our family, La Cascina Langa is the place for the most important parties. Many are the people I have to thank for this success: the locals people, women and girls who work for me, my neighbors – now friends – who gave me, and continue to give me very important advices, fundamental for this type of activity. From them, I constantly learn a lot: how to harvest vegetables in the garden, make ravioli, or keep the forest clean, what to do with rainwater, how to use Langa stones, etc.

I owe a lot to friends who come to see me and get excited about every little news, expansion, addition or improvement that it is. I sincerely thank all the groups that are already starting with the desire to return and that give me very useful advice for the following groups.

And I owe a lot to my family too. For us, the Cascina is still the most beautiful house in the world, our place of the heart.