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La Cascina Langa is located in the municipality of Denice (Alessandria), on the ridge that divides the Langhe from Monferrato. It is located on a hill in Alta Langa at 480 ms asl, between the villages of Denice and Roccaverano, on the border between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. The largest town in the vicinity is Acqui Terme. From Milan it is 150 km; 100 km from Turin; 80 km from Genoa.

The Langa Farmhouse – Chiazze Region 2 – 15010 Denice (Alessandria). View on Maps

How to rent La Cascina Langa

We rent for seasons, weeks, weekends or single days.
Prices vary depending on the season, the possibility of using the swimming pool (from May to early October) and the number of rooms that are occupied. Groups can choose to rent only the stone house (9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms) or to open the 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms of the pink house. The costs are lower in autumn and winter (except for the New Year period, considered to be the very high season), they rise in spring and even more in summer with the pool open. In autumn and winter, when prices are low, we must consider that the non-trivial cost of heating must be added.

Given the complexity of the structure, for any price information, directly contact the property (contacts). La Cascina Langa is present on various web portals, with rates that are not always correct and sometimes contradictory to each other, because the portals make automatic calculations based on a general indication of the owner.

In most of the year animals of all types are welcome, as long as they respect the rules of education and hygiene.

In the interests of the party concerned: any booking should be done only after confirmation by phone with the owner and sending a regular contract. Do not send any payments without these two conditions.


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