5 hectares of the estate are forests. Large oaks, ash trees, majestic chestnut trees, walnuts and hazelnuts: walking among the typical trees of the Langhe is beautiful in all seasons. You can immerse yourself in the spectacular foliage in autumn, collect primroses in spring, laurel branches at Christmas…

Our woods are special because:

  • from late winter to late autumn they are filled with hammocks, both single and double. You will find them scattered here and there in different areas for a total of 30 hammock places;
  • the Woods are crossed by a network of beautiful paths with many arrows. On foot or on mtbikes you can take short rides to stretch your legs, but if you want you can also go on excursions lasting several hours because our paths connect to the national paths net. In practice, you can start from home and reach beautiful medieval towers, small jewel villages, art parks, etc. along paths and streets. Maps, maps and route indications can be found on the forest board at short distance from the Yard but also inside the house, in a special binder;
  • scattered here and there there are many log benches where it is nice to sit in peace and listen to the rustling of the branches. Among the thick trees, two circular flat areas have been created for practicing yoga or meditation and an amphitheater with log seats for 80 people for shows, concerts, meetings or ceremonies that are actually held inside the woods;
  • in various points there are piles of already cut wood to collect and take home and to use for fireplaces, barbecues, braziers and for the oven of the Pizza House. In the Bbqs’ Hutch in the Yard there are bags available to collect the wood and tools (manual) to finish cutting it into small pieces in a dedicated station (log and rustic plank);
  • the main paths have solar lighting points on the ground, so you can go into the woods even in the dark. By turning on the bright lights of the Ancient Barn, another light source is added which reaches a part of the woods.

A guided walk can be organized to learn how to identify the trees and the tracks of deer and other animals; a very exciting botanical treasure hunt game can be organized.