Once it was the inner yard, today it is a beautiful garden space of about 20 meters x 20: there is a shaded pergola equipped with tables and benches or chairs; a small square with sofas and table; a wooden structure that can be covered with sheets or other materials for special occasions, or used as a large clothesline.

In the case of large parties, the Yard is one of several places in the village where you can indulge your creativity. It can accommodate many tables and chairs for large outdoor lunches or dinners, and it is also a magnificent venue for theatrical performances or outdoor music shows. There are various points of night light with street lamps and floor lights, very suggestive. Guests can personalize the lighting by adding strings of lights of their choice because there are many external sockets.

There are 4 covered spaces overlooking the Yard: the Stable Bar and the Bicycle Workshop, which are opened upon request; the Games’ Hutch and and the Bbqs’ Hutch where the portable barbecues and objects and tools for collecting and cutting wood are located.
The Games’ Hutch is opened upon guests’ arrival at no additional cost to choose 6 boxes of games and/or fitness equipment that the group wants to use during their stay; the Bbqs’ Hutch with portable barbecues always remains open.