Ancient original stone architecture, centuries-old wood, and all around silence and peace , without any external disturbance: Cascina Langa represents a true paradise for yoga, meditation, and related disciplines.

From the windows, from the garden, from any point of the hamlet, one sees only nature, hills, woods, fields, trees …


Unlike other structures, La Cascina Langa can offer comfort of private rooms or rooms to be shared only with another person or two , and equipped with bathroom inside .
A large kitchen in an old stable, a second kitchen in a spacious dining room, make the time for preparing meals pleasant, if self-managed.

For those who do yoga or meditate in the farmhouse, the indelible memory of the spectacular room with wooden plank floors and fireplace, with a net area of ​​40 square meters, remains .

In the case of large groups, it is possible to rent a pair of gazebos for a total of 64 square meters at very low cost


Spaces to practice together and private corners to isolate themselves, covered spaces in the middle of the garden where small groups can be gathered

In addition to spaces for yoga, the village contains many corners for relaxation, reading, meditation, to be lived with others but also secluded.

The characteristics of the layout and the restructuring make it particularly appreciated: spaces that have remained intact for almost two centuries, original materials, use of ancient construction techniques … you can feel respect for nature and respect for those who have lived, worked and built this in the past lovely place.

For those organizing the courses, La Cascina Langa offers, in off-peak seasons, the possibility of starting to rent with only one of the two housing parts (Stone House) and if the number of participants increases, the second part is also rented (Pink House).

You can rent in self-management even total or with some services . Particularly appreciated by yoga and meditation groups were: vegetarian-vegan cook service, workshops for children and baby sitting, shopping at home , daily room cleaning, bakery course , bikes rental .