Equipment for dozens and dozens of people, and a thousand possibilities to use the many spaces of the village the various parts of the party.

The Yard can become a great space for tables, even for hundreds of people, the pergola can host musical groups, the Ancient Barn is an ideal place for the ceremony or performances and concerts, and the solarium of the swimming pool can become a track for dance…

Salt, kitchens, and even the external parts are all very flexible, all equipped with electrical connections. Benches and bench tables can be moved, assembled and disassembled…

And, included in the rental, gazebos to cover even 100 people in case of rain, resistant even to heavy rain.


External electrical connections everywhere, total voltage 9 kw. Rights Siae to be paid by those who rent the village. Volume of music: there are no neighbors .. so even high volumes, of course they must not reach the valley in front of ours!

Possibility to contact local bands, and to rent audio system and also video projector.


Our lighting is street lamp points, very romantic, as well as a general halogen on the Yard, two strong lights on the Ancient Barn, a little light from below in the small squares of the Yard and next to the swimming pool, lots of lights from below in the pergola surround, also equipped with a street lamp from above, half hidden by the greenery.

…Other lights need to be taken or rented.

Electrical extensions: a total of 10 meters are available, so for large events, the rest must be carried. 

Gazebos and marquees

For plan b (in case of rain), if you are within 60-70 people you can convert the party inside the house, in the two rooms.

Once that number is exceeded, or if even 50 of you want to be outdoors, 4 gazebos measuring 3 x 6 meter are available at the cost (modest) of assembly and dismantling. These gazebos, combined with the space under the arch, can cover 100-150 people, depending on how you arrange the tables. They are very robust: in the photos you see the beginning of assembly in December. They have walls and doors and heating elements and lights can be installed if desired. The interior but also the exterior can be embellished in various ways with veils, curtains, twisted ivy branches.

Lightweight shade gazebos are also available (photo at the Ancient Barn).

Flowers and floral decorations

Our guests were all enthusiastic about Acquigarden.


You can contact those who have already created services with us, all very good! That is Joyphotographer, creative couple studio, Manuel Cazzola.

Also, take a look at

ceremony food and mise en place party