In the hamlet there are two paths that lead to the woods, where chestnut, walnut, and oak trees thrive. In the different seasons, therefore, you can arm yourself with the basket and collect the fruits of these trees … for those who are lucky … even porcini!

At the end of the winter some paths are covered with primroses, and we are very happy to give you small gardening tools to make you your home-made jar.

Many groups go into the woods to take firewood to use for fireplaces or for baking bread and pizza, and for this activity, we leave some pieces of logs in the woods already on the ground, to which various fallen branches are added. In a former hutch, we also provide a basket and hand tools to finish cutting the wood.

A beautiful activity to do with children (but also with adults) is the walk with a local guide to the discovery and recognition of trees. The night walk with torches is very exciting to hear the sounds of the woods (roe deer, owls, foxes, wild boars …).