In summer, it is possible to go to buy vegetables and fruit in the fields and in the gardens of the neighbors, or our garden, super organic … Cultivated by girls and ladies of the area, the vegetable garden of La Cascina Langa can be open to guests who come to pick tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, etc., and also lends itself to real activities on the cultivation of vegetables ..

A few steps away from home there is a farm with various animals including the famous goats of Roccaverano, from whose milk you get the famous goat cheese, finally climbing the rankings among the best national cheeses, become a Slow Food Presidium … By agreeing for the visit in time, it is even possible to also try the experience of hand goat milking … or you can organize a short course ‘from milk to cheese’ even inside the premises of the Cascina. </ span>

At a distance of a short walk you will also find an organic beekeeper, which can make the guided tour of his beehives, and which produces very precious honey declined with Piedmontese excellence … truffle honey, hazelnut honey, gianduia honey …

All these activities cannot be improvised … they must be agreed in time!