Olmo Gentile and San Giorgio Scarampi

A very short distance from Roccaverano, (3 km, or 5 minutes by car, 10 by bicycle and 40 on foot) there is the delightful Olmo Gentile, a village that coincides with a castle perched between the hills, with incomparable views … you will also find a terrace from which, in fine weather, you can see, in addition to the interwoven designs of admirable hills, a large part of the Alpine arc!

At the entrance of the village is located La Posta restaurant, owned by a group of sisters: traditional Piedmontese cuisine with special fried scones served hot just sitting at the table… It is not always open: call and book before.

Town festivals and festivals:

The Tower of San Giorgio Scarampi is located 11 km from La Cascina Langa. By car, the journey time is 18 minutes and can be a stop after the visit-walk in Roccaverano, because the tower is less than 5 km from Roccaverano and it takes 8 minutes by car.

Built in the fourteenth century, with a square section, with a Latin inscription still legible at the entrance, the tower was also a 6-story house, some of which covered with barrel vaults: on the third floor, there was the kitchen with a large fireplace. The tower is located at the top of a micro-village made of 2 churches and 5 small houses, and from its top, you can enjoy a marvelous free view over 360 degrees.