Jewel villages of Langhe and Monferrato

Hidden among the hills of the Alta Langa, a short distance from La Cascina Langa, so as to be reachable even by bicycle or on foot, there are real little gem villages, not yet discovered by the great tourist flows: small villages all in stone, with medieval walls, two-fourteenth-century towers, frescoes from the rural Renaissance, small cathedrals and delightful country churches … Mombaldone, Montechiaro Alta, Roccaverano, Olmo Gentile, the Castello di Monastero Bormida.

The streets to reach these villages are already worth the trip: ribbons that wind through the green hills, where the woods alternate the fields and the vineyards … and often in small towns there are wine bars, trattorias, restaurants, which alone justify the excursion. At certain times of the year, these villages also come alive with countryside festivals, which are an excellent opportunity to sample local food at excellent prices and to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the Piedmontese country.


At about 10 minutes by car, and about two hours walk, there is the splendid Mombaldone, rightly elected to be part of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Read more.


The admirable castle of Monastero Bormida can be reached in 6 minutes by car, but it is fun and pleasant to go there on foot or by bicycle from La Cascina Langa, passing through the hamlet of Santa Libera. Read more .


The fascinating Roccaverano, 760 meters above sea level, can be reached in about an hour and a half walk on the outward journey (uphill) and an hour on the way back (downhill). Travel times by bicycle: 40 minutes each way. By car: about 8 minutes. Read more .


A very short distance from Roccaverano, (3 km, or 5 minutes by car, 10 by bicycle and 40 by foot) lies the delightful Olmo Gentile. Read more .


The Tower of San Giorgio Scarampi, along with those of Olmo Gentile Roccaverno, Vengore, and Monastero, is part of the 5 Torri Promenade, which is organized by the Proloco in, and of which you will find itineraries, travel times and many details on the net.


Montechiaro d’Acqui Alta is the ancient village that is located at the top of the hill opposite the one on which La Cascina Langa is located. Read more .


From Montechiaro Alta the “Passeggiata dei Calanchi” starts, which together with that of the 5 towers, is a cult for cyclists and trekking enthusiasts. The itinerary is 30 kilometers long, and the walking time is estimated at 9 hours. Read more .


Getting to Denice from La Cascina Langa is a pleasant walk of 5 kilometers, with no particularly challenging gradients, between chestnut, oak, elm, and acacia woods. On foot, it takes about an hour and a quarter to get there and back. Read more .

Noli, Finale Ligure and Varigotti

At an hour and a quarter by car, you will find the most enchanting places and the best beaches in Western Liguria.

Entering to be part of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Noli , with the castle and the medieval walls that arrive on the seashore, it preserves intact the center where one can still breathe the atmosphere of the maritime city medieval, with 4 towers still soaring, alleyways, small squares churches, arches, and mullioned windows … restaurants, cafes, the smell of the sea and of fish … Panoramic beach

Finale Ligure is a seaside town with a large promenade and many convenient establishments. Its flagship is the small citadel Finalborgo : still perfectly enclosed by a wall from the 13th century! all lanes, small squares: even here it seems to descend into ancient history but revived by many outdoor cafes, ice cream parlors, boutiques …

Varigotti has a fabulous old town: small picturesque houses on the beach (beautiful!) that seem to have sprung up from the sea and to be there to create a fabulous landscape … Unmissable aperitif at the kiosk next to the pier.