Noli, Finale Ligure and Varigotti

At an hour and a quarter by car, you will find the most enchanting places and the best beaches in Western Liguria.

Entering to be part of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Noli , with the castle and the medieval walls that arrive on the seashore, it preserves intact the center where one can still breathe the atmosphere of the maritime city medieval, with 4 towers still soaring, alleyways, small squares churches, arches, and mullioned windows … restaurants, cafes, the smell of the sea and of fish … Panoramic beach

Finale Ligure is a seaside town with a large promenade and many convenient establishments. Its flagship is the small citadel Finalborgo : still perfectly enclosed by a wall from the 13th century! all lanes, small squares: even here it seems to descend into ancient history but revived by many outdoor cafes, ice cream parlors, boutiques …

Varigotti has a fabulous old town: small picturesque houses on the beach (beautiful!) that seem to have sprung up from the sea and to be there to create a fabulous landscape … Unmissable aperitif at the kiosk next to the pier.