Games for all ages

Ping pong, soccer, slides, swings, but also a game stall that contains many fun objects: bowls, giant chess, cards, toys for babies and older children, from skittles to lego, from small pots to tools for obstacle races.

Cooking lessons

Funny, easy to organize and … useful are the traditional Piedmontese cooking lessons at home. One of the local cooks can come to our large kitchen and prepare the famous ‘ravioli al plin’ or ‘tajarin’ together with the guests: ours are informal and ‘chat’ lessons in which the cook prepares the dishes with the guests, telling ancient wisdom and revealing some tricks of the trade.

Equally fun are the lessons for learning to make pizza and cooking it in a wood oven.

The lessons also become the basis for a dinner or lunch for the guest groups, and they can also be activities to do with the children, who usually have a great time getting their hands on pasta …

Another fun activity: organizing a wine tasting at home , inviting one of the owners of one of the friendly wineries … often paired with an oenologist or sommelier, the winemaker leads guests to discover the specifics of great wines Piedmontese with team games with which you learn to distinguish Barolo from Barbera, to understand the difference between a wine aged in steel silos or oak barrels …

Sport and wellness

In addition to running, playing soccer, swimming, walking …, exercising with Stalletta equipment, some sports can be easily organized (but we are in the country … necessary notice !). </ span>

You can meet the country’s soccer team for a challenge at the home pitch or at Denice and on various Sundays throughout the year you can participate in one of the many walks in the surroundings organized by the proloco of the neighboring countries, and discover amazing paths … hills, gullies, streams …). Learn more .

So many possibilities even at home: a yoga teacher, who can practice a whole group or part, in the setting of the beautiful fireplace room: a wonderful experience too, for example, for a nice revival all together after a party.

Also available is an Ayurvedic masseuse, a teacher of soft gymnastics or modern dance. With advance notice, it is also possible to call an instructor for aquatic disciplines (water aerobics, swimming) or to do the first experiences with cylinders and use the pool for an introduction to diving.

Vegetable gardens and farms

In summer, it is possible to go to buy vegetables and fruit in the fields and in the gardens of the neighbors, or our garden, super organic … Cultivated by girls and ladies of the area, the vegetable garden of La Cascina Langa can be open to guests who come to pick tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, etc., and also lends itself to real activities on the cultivation of vegetables ..

A few steps away from home there is a farm with various animals including the famous goats of Roccaverano, from whose milk you get the famous goat cheese, finally climbing the rankings among the best national cheeses, become a Slow Food Presidium … By agreeing for the visit in time, it is even possible to also try the experience of hand goat milking … or you can organize a short course ‘from milk to cheese’ even inside the premises of the Cascina. </ span>

At a distance of a short walk you will also find an organic beekeeper, which can make the guided tour of his beehives, and which produces very precious honey declined with Piedmontese excellence … truffle honey, hazelnut honey, gianduia honey …

All these activities cannot be improvised … they must be agreed in time!