1. Stone House

It is the main house, in the Stone House there are 9 rooms, 7 bathrooms, two rooms, two kitchens, an attic, a terrace and a cellar. You can connect it to the Pink House by opening an internal door.

2. Pink House

The Casa Rosa has 3 large bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. It has its entrance from the Yard, but it can also be connected to the Stone House through the opening of a door.

12. Stable Bar

In the yard are several rooms that can be opened upon request: the Stable Bar, the Bicycle Workshop, and the other ancient farm buildings.

The Stable Bar can be opened on request for events: large parties, weddings, etc. It is a beautiful stable still in its original state, with a manger and ancient vaults intact, furnished like a tavern, and equipped with a large fridge and an additional freezer.

Ideal for serving and storing beverages during large parties, it can also become a room for music and dance or a creative atelier. It is equipped with plenty of electrical outlets.


Stone House

On the ground floor: a large kitchen, a cellar, and 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has a private bathroom inside, the other two bedrooms share the bathroom located in a common corridor. These bedrooms are fresh and have no conditioning.
On the first floor: a large living room with a fireplace and a second living room, 6 bedrooms (of which one is an attic), and 6 bathrooms: some small, some medium, and one very large.

Pink House

Upstairs there are 3 large bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. All very neat and charming.


In the Stone House, there are two kitchens: one large on the ground floor and one on the first floor, in one of the living rooms.

Main kitchen

On the ground floor of the Stone House, is one of the most popular areas for guest groups: a large and comfortable kitchen designed to cook for many in a charming environment: a renovated stable with a large fireplace and a secular doorway overlooking the garden, with spectacular views, very comfortable for lunches on the front of the house and in the Yard.

There are many facilities: big refrigerator + small fridge, kitchen island with sink, large stove (6 burners), oven, washing machine, and dishwasher. It is equipped with plates, cutlery, glasses in abundance, and various useful tools (juicer, blender, etc.). A big table made of three small marble tables 160×80 wide.

The cellar (on the ground floor of the Stone House) is a useful appendix to the kitchen: it has a large cockpit freezer and is a perfect room for beverage and food storage.


Kitchen of the living room n.2

The second kitchen is located in the living room n.2, which overlooks the terrace and is in the direction of the ancient Barn and the swimming pool: ideal cooking point for those who want to have lunch in one of the living rooms or on the terrace, but also for those who want to bring food towards the swimming pool or the ancient Barn. It has a compact shape somewhat hidden by walls and is complete with everything: 5 burners, oven, sink, dishwasher, and a beautiful American-style fridge with double doors and a capacious side freezer and fridge side.

For large events, the fridge-freezer capacity can be expanded from the maxifrigo and freezer to the drawers of the Stable Bar.

Living rooms

The two large communicating living rooms, both in the Stone House, are beautiful common areas that give to the village a very special character.

Living room n.1

Living room n.1 has been converted from an old barn: roof with exposed beams, walls in Langa stone, a large fireplace and very warm lighting … furnished with 4 sofas and a few armchairs, but also with a hammock and a hanging swing, has a large wooden plank floor, so it is also suitable for gym or yoga space.


Living room n.2

Living room n.2 is connected to the first by an opening of about 1.5 meters and a few steps and is equipped as a large dining room, with a long table that can be easily moved even on the terrace or in the Living room n.1… A corner can become a 50-inch large-screen TV lounge, or you can experience it as a meeting space (it has many sockets), and many groups with children used it as a game room. It has a kitchen similar to a bar, complete with everything.