8. Woods

2 hectares of woods where it is nice to walk in all seasons. It is possible to easily organize a guided walk to the recognition of the trees, or the night walk to discover the sounds of the forest.

14. Bicycle workshop

In the yard, several rooms can be opened upon request: the stable-bar, the bicycle workshop, and other ancient farm buildings.

The bicycle workshop was one of the ancient farm buildings used as a rabbit cage and now turned into a bicycle box and also a small repair and maintenance workshop. Compressor available to inflate wheels effortlessly, various tools, hooks for hanging bikes and a large table to support it during maintenance. To hire bikes or organize excursions visit the page dedicated to our activities of Bike and trekking.

Another ancient farm building is now a woodshed and contains all the tools – manuals! – to go and get the firewood in the woods and cut it in autonomy. This box also contains small transportable BBQs, to be used in case of rain or snow.