Activities in the wood

In the hamlet, two paths lead to the Woods, where chestnut, walnut, and oak trees thrive. In the different seasons, therefore, you can arm yourself with the basket and collect the fruits of these trees … for those who are lucky … even porcini!

At the end of the winter, some paths are covered with primroses, and we are very happy to give you small gardening tools to make your homemade jar.

Many groups go into the woods to take firewood to use for fireplaces or for baking bread and pizza, and for this activity, we leave some pieces of logs in the woods already on the ground, to which various fallen branches are added. In a former hutch, we also provide a basket and hand tools to finish cutting the wood.

A beautiful activity to do with children (but also with adults) is the walk with a local guide to the discovery and recognition of trees. The night walk with torches is very exciting to hear the sounds of the woods (roe deer, owls, foxes, wild boars …).

Bike and trekking

For expert cyclists, our hills are a paradise, as well as for lovers of trekking and gentle walks.

Upon request, the Bicycle Workshop can be opened, which was in the past a rabbit hutch. In the Bikeatlier there are 3 mtbikes + 3 helmets and all the tools for bike maintenance, initial repairs + hooks. There is a table for working on the bike and a compressor for inflating the wheels.

For large groups with many passionate cyclists, it is possible to obtain other rental bikes and not only mtbikes, but also fat bikes or racing bikes if desired.

Ebikes are also a beautiful way to discover our hills; without making too much effort, in the space of half a day, you can explore the entire district around the farmhouse, zigzagging between gentle slopes and spectacular views. By making arrangements in advance, the renter can bring the ebikes with a van directly to the Cascina.

For those who love walking in nature, Cascina Langa is truly special because the paths start from the home woods. Dotted with accurate signage, they end up connecting with national net of paths and therefore the walks can be tens of kilometers long.

Whether on foot or two wheels, the excursion destinations are spectacular: you can reach nearby jewel villages, discover castles, medieval towers, small churches with fifteenth-century frescoes, or choose itineraries to discover uncontaminated nature: streams, gullies, gorges…

A board with maps and info is available for guests at a starting point in the woods. Maps and route descriptions are also in paper versions inside the house.

Vegetable gardens and farms

In summer, it is possible to go to buy vegetables and fruit in the fields and in the gardens of the neighbors, or our garden, super organic … Cultivated by girls and ladies of the area, the vegetable garden of La Cascina Langa can be open to guests who come to pick tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, etc., and also lends itself to real activities on the cultivation of vegetables ..

A few steps away from home there is a farm with various animals including the famous goats of Roccaverano, from whose milk you get the famous goat cheese, finally climbing the rankings among the best national cheeses, become a Slow Food Presidium … By agreeing for the visit in time, it is even possible to also try the experience of hand goat milking … or you can organize a short course ‘from milk to cheese’ even inside the premises of the Cascina. </ span>

At a distance of a short walk you will also find an organic beekeeper, which can make the guided tour of his beehives, and which produces very precious honey declined with Piedmontese excellence … truffle honey, hazelnut honey, gianduia honey …

All these activities cannot be improvised … they must be agreed in time!

Horses and golf

For fans of horse riding the Cascina offers two possibilities to have a horse and an instructor very close by.

A short distance away, in Bubbio, is the Icaro stable with talented young instructors, very respectful of animals, and a holiday farm, San Desiderio di Monastero Bormida, which has a large stud farm of Argentine horses and Argentine instructors.

The nearest golf club is Acqui Terme, with 9 holes. But the well-kept and equipped golf clubs also in nearby cities, such as Asti, Cuneo, Turin … you can combine the golf outing with the discovery of one of these towns .. or together with one of the many wonderful restaurants of which Piedmont is rich!