Games for all ages

Ping pong, soccer, slides, swings, but also a game stall that contains many fun objects: bowls, giant chess, cards, toys for babies and older children, from skittles to lego, from small pots to tools for obstacle races.

Beautiful in all seasons

The blossoming of spring, with cascades of flowers sprouting from all sides, the autumn with its magic of foliage … every season is beautiful at La Cascina Langa.
In the cold season the Cascina Langa acquires a special charm: these are the best months to experience the special internal atmosphere of the house and not only take advantage of the spa (which will be ready for winter 2020), but all the things it offers inside and all the playful and convivial interior spaces.
In the cold, it is very pleasant to stay in the large kitchen or in the two rooms, around the lit fireplaces (there are two: one very large in the kitchen and one in the living room of the swings) and around long tables.
In the main kitchen, there are all the utensils for cooking: It is also very fun to knead and bake: the pizza house is a real house, closed, so it can also be used in rain or snow.
For grilling, during rainy days there are BBQs that can be transported under the arch.
Ping pong and table football are placed in indoor spaces so you can use them.
The solarium-terrace has been designed specifically for autumn and winter: it is located in the most sheltered part of the house and facing south, it allows you to stay outdoors even in the cold months.

What to do in the winter around

For those who want to stay away from home, there are many ideas for walks, horse riding or mountain biking, food and wine tours and spas.
There is the mushroom season, then that of chestnuts, which are also found in the beautiful woods of the property .
The area is also rich in truffles, both black and white, and it is possible to organize trips with trifolau (truffle hunters) and their dogs.
It is also a good time to go around the nearby wineries to taste and buy wines: some groups take advantage of the occasion to make supplies of bulk wine and bottle it in the cellar of the Cascina.
In the cold season it is great to spend a few hours in the thermal spas of the nearby Acqui.


The snow envelops the house and the hills around it in a really suggestive mantle. We are very equipped to receive groups even with big snowfalls because the house is reached by a road of the Municipality of Denice that keeps it free, and we are also equipped with special private vehicles to open the road and the house front.