3. Pool

Located in front of the terrace, the pool offers a beautiful view of the surrounding hills. It is very well exposed to the sun, so it can sometimes be used already in April and sometimes until mid or late October. It is not heated except by the sun.

It is completely fenced, and surrounded by a high hedge on two sides, on other 2 sides by walls: total privacy is therefore guaranteed.
Access is via two wooden gates, which can be locked.

It has been created with a large space around the pool: the solarium area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 200 square meters, with a white non-slip floor, can accommodate many deckchairs and sunbeds. There are two stone benches with cushions and mats. Outside shower and external electrical connection for any need.

It is possible to swim even at night because the pool is equipped with an internal lighting system; a lamppost and another light on the ground in the solarium space create a very suggestive atmosphere.

The pool is 12 meters long, 6 meters wide and 1.40 meters deep, so there is no need for surveillance personnel.

In the bathing season, the water is cleaned every day and chlorine and ph levels are constantly monitored. Guests are also explained how to use a small robot for daily cleaning.

Behind the pool is the barn, which with the two rooms always in the shade is very useful for sheltering pool games, deckchairs, cushions, etc., and where you can install a small refrigerator.

4. Yard

Once it was the inner yard, today it is a beautiful garden space of about 20 meters x 20: there is a shaded pergola equipped with tables and benches or chairs; a small square with sofas and table; a wooden structure that can be covered with sheets or other materials for special occasions, or used as a large clothesline.

In the case of large parties, the yard is one of several places in the village where you can indulge your creativity. It can accommodate many tables and chairs for large outdoor lunches or dinners, and it is also a magnificent venue for theatrical performances or outdoor music shows.
Various points for night lighting, very suggestive. Various possibilities of external electrical connections.

In the yard, several rooms can be opened upon request, the stable-bar, the bicycle workshop, and the other ancient farm buildings.

5. Ancient barn

An ancient barn that on one side overlooks a beautiful lawn, with a spectacular view of the hills, on the other the pool.

7. Barbecues

La Cascina is equipped with 2 beautiful large BBQs where you can have big barbecues. Various large grills are available to guests, as well as various useful tools.

8. Woods

2 hectares of woods where it is nice to walk in all seasons. It is possible to easily organize a guided walk to the recognition of the trees, or the night walk to discover the sounds of the forest.

9. Soccer field

It is 15 x 9 meters wide, has 2 doors 2 meters wide and 1.20 meters high. It is equipped with automatic irrigation and fenced on all 4 sides.

10. Lawn and playground

A large lawn with various trees and a playground with a slide and a swing, near the soccer field. This lawn can also be converted into a large party space.

11. Terrace

At the crossroads between the pink house and the stone house, the terrace is a beautiful relaxing corner. It is adjacent to the hall and the kitchen of the upper floor, so you can eat and have aperitifs with great comfort.

15. Vegetable garden

In one of the lands of the estate there is our vegetable garden, more than biological! You can access it with someone from the staff and you can organize activities with both children and groups of adults.